Top 10 Customer spaces of 2016

Top 10 Customer spaces of 2016

We received so many great pics of client spaces in 2016 and decided we’re going to pick the top 10 that really resonated with us. These spaces mean so much to us, it brings home the fact that we do not merely produce decals, but rather become part of people’s homes. We hope you enjoy these pics as much as we have and find inspiration for your own home!
Without further ado, here are the top ten spaces ranking from 10 to 1 (1 being our favourite).

10. Cloudy wonderland

We absolutely love the monochrome colours in this room with the happy clouds pattern. We can’t imagine how any little bear wouldn’t be able to have the best dreams in this cloudy wonderland. The bunny plushies just give it that extra special touch.

Cloudy Wonderland

9. Deer’licious dreamland

It wouldn’t have made sense to get anything other than our great forest decal – it suits their little pet deer perfectly. Yes, you read that right – this little deer is alive and living in a forest dreamland.

Deer’licious dreamland

Deer’licious dreamland

8. Inspiration station

This contemporary space inspires us to do better. We feel honoured to be part of the people’s lives in such a motivational way. Thank you for using our work hard decal to be your inspiration.

Inspiration station

7. Bohemian bedroom

This beautiful room is giving us some serious bohemian nostalgia. This little bear is already setting trends with this space. We love our great forest decal with the wooden elements.

Bohemian bedroom

6. Little Batcave

Can this room get any cooler? We absolutely adore this little Batcave. Such a cool idea to do the chalk wall! The hand drawn clouds decalooks so great.

Little Batcave

5. Puff, puff and away

These soft tones and our puffy clouds pattern makes this space look calm and dreamy. Definitely a place we would want our little adventurers to sleep.

Puff, puff and away

Puff, puff and away

4. Foxy forest

It’s so much fun to see the same great forest decal used in so many different ways. We cannot get over the beautiful quilt & fox plushies.

Foxy forest

Foxy forest

3. Hootn’ away

How delightful does this Hoot tree decal and owl plushy combo look? We love the crisp white bedding and the pop of colour!

Hootn’ away

Hootin’ away

2. Beary den

We want this room for ourselves! The monochrome colours & combo of the bird forest and stay wild decal looks adorable.

Beary den

1. Princess paradise

This looks like any little girl’s dream. How beautiful are these pastel colours used with our great forest decal? This space has won the number 1 spot in our hearts for 2016.

Princess paradise

Princess paradise

Princess paradise

A big thank you to everyone that shared their space with us. Looking forward to see what 2017 has in store!



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