Adorable Girl Room Inspiration

Adorable Girl Room Inspiration

There are so many options to play with these days – deciding on your little girl’s theme or style has endless possibilities. Although it’s fun, it can be daunting at times.

We’ve gathered a few trendy looks to help with ideas or inspire you to get cracking!

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Friends, friends & more friends!

Add plushies, dolls or animal mats to fill her room with friends that will light up her imagination! And the best part is they double up as decor and toys! 

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Pops of Colour!

Make her room playful by playing with fun and bright colours. We might have something to help you out

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Boho Chic

Go with natural wood, soft colours, hints of green and something weaved to perfect the bohemian look! 

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Oh So Monochrome!

Yep, it seems monochrome will pretty much stay in fashion forever. Probably because of the use of neutral colours – they work with anything! Add zoo animals for an extra touch of cuteness. 

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If you’re one of the lucky ones that inherited vintage decor from grandma or your mom – put it to use! Modernise it with a bunny decal.

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You can keep the room as simple as possible and add a few ferns or palms to accent the room. 

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Simple and fresh

If you’re more of a minimalist, keep it simple and use big objects as your focus points like a chair, one portrait or a signature rug. A cute cacti pattern might help as well.  

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Blush. Source: Pineterest

More blush. Source: Pineterest

Soft hues

Her room will be the prettiest in the entire house without even trying. Use blush colours to make her room stand out. Add some metallics and you’re good to go.

Unicorns. Source: Pineterest

Bunny. Source: Pineterest

Donut. Source: Pineterest

Go with a theme

Donuts, bunnies, unicorns, woodlands – you name it. Mix them all up if you want to! 

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg! We hope you have fun planning, doing and savouring the final result!

Send some pics to hello@stickaroo, we would love to see and share your handiwork!
















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